How to present a PDF like a PowerPoint? If you have this need, you come to the right place. This post from MiniTool PDF Editor offers you 2 ways to present PDF slide shows. It also introduces other PDF presentation modes.

How to Present a PDF like a PowerPoint

PDF (Portable Document Format) is one of the most popular file formats. It is mainly used for academic papers, journals, handbooks, company contracts, study materials, etc. Sometimes, you may need to present a PDF file to others.

In this case, PDF slide shows are a good presentation mode. If you have ever used PowerPoint, you will be familiar with slideshows. In a PPT file, each page is called a slide. If you start the slide show from the beginning, all slides will be presented in full screen one by one. You can click to switch to the next slide.

How to present a PDF in a slide show mode? You can use the following ways.

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Way 1. MiniTool PDF Editor

MiniTool PDF Editor is a PDF editing tool available on Windows. You can use it to write and draw on a PDF; add notes, images, shapes, stamps, attachments, watermarks, and links to PDF; split/merge/compress PDFs, convert PDF to various file formats (and reverse); convert images to different formats; and so on.

You can also this software to present a PDF. It offers many PDF presentation modes, including the PDF slideshow mode. How to present a PDF slideshow using MiniTool PDF Editor? Here is the guide:

MiniTool PDF EditorClick to Download100%Clean & Safe

  1. Download and install MiniTool PDF Editor.
  2. Open a PDF file with MiniTool PDF Editor.
  3. Go to the View tab and click Slideshow. The PDF will then be presented in the slide show mode.
PDF slide show

In the slideshow mode, you can click to switch to the next PDF page. If you want to go back to the first page or the previous page, you can right-click on the PDF page and choose the corresponding option from the context menu. The context menu also offers the Exit Slide option.

PDF slide show context menu

In addition, you can even edit PDF in the slideshow mode. Select a text and right-click. A context menu will appear. You can choose to copy, highlight, underline, or strikethrough the text. You can also choose to edit PDF. If you choose this option, you can modify the content of the PDF. This is very useful if you find some content is wrong when you present a PDF.

edit PDF in slideshow mode

In the PDF slideshow mode, you can also edit images. For example, you can rotate, resize, replace, or delete images; bring the image to the front or send it to the back; and change the transparency of the image.

If you don’t like the PDF slideshow effect, you can convert the PDF file to a PPT file and then display it in PowerPoint.

Way 2. The Preview App

On Mac, you can use the Preview app to present PDF slide shows. Here is the guide:

  1. In the Preview app on your Mac, open a PDF.
  2. Choose View > Slideshow. The pages of the PDF are displayed in the slideshow. Use the controls at the bottom of the screen to move from page to page or end the slideshow.

Other PDF Presentation Modes

In addition to the PDF slide shows, MiniTool PDF Editor also offers other PDF presentation modes. For example:

  • Full Screen: In this mode, PDF pages fill the entire screen. The menu bar, toolbar, and window controls are hidden. Note that browsers like Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge can also present a PDF in full screen, but the PDF page doesn’t fill the entire screen. There are gray areas on the sides of the PDF page.
  • Zoom in or out: If you want to show details of a PDF, you can zoom in on the PDF. Of course, you can also zoom out the PDF. You can use the Plus and Minus buttons at the top to zoom in or out of the PDF. You can even enter the scaling ratio manually. Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge can also zoom in or out a PDF but no custom zoom is offered.
  • Two-Page View: Display two pages side by side. Google Chrome also has this feature but Microsoft Edge doesn’t.
  • Rotate the view clockwise or counterclockwise: Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge also have this feature.
  • Simple Mode: Present the PDF in the minimized window and hide other components.
  • Reverse View: View PDF pages in reverse order.

According to your condition, you can choose one from the above PDF presentation modes. Note that Google Chrome and Microsoft don’t have the slideshow mode. If you want to present PDF slide shows, MiniTool PDF Editor is the best choice on Windows.

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How to present a PDF like a PPT? This post introduces 2 ways to you. In addition, it also introduces other PDF presentation modes. You can choose one according to your condition. Click to Tweet

Bottom Line

PDF slide shows are a way to present a PDF like a PPT. This way is useful when you present a PDF to others. This post introduces 2 ways of presenting PDF slide shows. Do you know other ways? Share them with us in the following comment zone.

In addition, if you have encountered problems when using MiniTool PDF Editor, feel free to contact us via [email protected]. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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