From this post, you can learn what ChatPDF is and how does ChatPDF work. Besides, you will also be aware of the limitations of ChatPDF and some high-rating ChatPDF tools. Explore the content in this post of MiniTool PDF Editor now!

What is ChatPDF

ChatPDF, an artificial intelligence tool, revolutionizes the manner you interact with your PDF files. It’s also an ideal solution to quickly extracting information or obtaining answers to your pressing questions. It can be used for legal contracts, financial reports, manuals and training material, scientific papers, academic articles, and books.

How does ChatPDF work? Imagine conversing with your PDF documents as if they were alive, breathing entities. With ChatPDF, this becomes a reality. However, you should also note that ChatPDF has some limitations. They are listed as follows.

  • ChatPDF’s present capabilities are mainly text-focused, but it still processes images or graphs at this time.
  • The free version of ChatPDF can only read 3 PDFs a day (with each document not exceeding 10MB and 120 pages). Besides, it allows you to ask 50 questions daily.
  • Both free and paid plan users are subject to file size limitations.
  • Though ChatPDF lacks a direct summarization feature, users must manually copy and paste the PDF into the chatbox and require a summary.

Here are multiple ChatPDF utilities to choose from. In this post, several ChatPDF AI tools are collected. You can pick one randomly.

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#1: ChatPDF from

This is an online ChatPDF program, allowing you to chat with any PDF online. To use it, you just need to navigate to and upload your PDF file. You can drop your PDF into the box, click Browse my Computer and upload the PDF on your device, or directly click From URL and type the link of your PDF.

upload PDF

After the PDF file is uploaded, you can chat with ChatPDF AI. Type your question in the chatbox and click on the arrow icon to send the message. In a few seconds, you will get the answer.

If you want to save your chat history, you need to Sign in.
chat with ChatPDF AI
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#2: Monica ChatPDF

With Monica ChatPDF, you can better understand the content of your file and obtain some relevant knowledge about the content. For instance, you can get a document summary, content comparison, smart Q&A, and document translation.

By adding the Monica extension to Chrome, you can unlock the privilege - 10 PDF uploads and 40 count queries per day.

If you want to chat with PDF through Monica ChatPDF, navigate to this webpage and upload the PDF file into the box. As you see, the maximum file size is 50MB. The file size of your PDF can’t exceed that.

drag and drop the PDF file

Once the PDF file is uploaded successfully, you can start chatting. Raise your question in the chatting field and click on the icon to send the message. According to your demands, you can add a new chat, view chat history, or configure chat settings.

start chatting
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#3: ChatWithPDF.AI

This ChatPDF AI can summarize your documents, answer questions quickly, and understand research easily. It can be used by researchers, professionals, and even students. You can refer to the steps below to use this ChatPDF AI.

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Upload the PDF you want to chat with.

  • Drag and drop the PDF file into the box.
  • Click Browse my computer, find the target PDF file on the PC, open the PDF.
  • Click Upload from URL and type the link of your PDF file.
different ways to upload PDFs

Step 3: Type your question at the bottom right of the webpage and send out it. After a while, you will receive the answer. Based on your demands, you can share/delete/clear chats.

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#4: allows you to chat with any PDF document ranging from legal agreements to financial reports. Additionally, you are able to ask questions, obtain summaries, find information, etc. Different from the above ChatPDF utilities, requires you to register an account before you start chatting.

On the home page of, click Get started for free. Then sign in with email, Google, or GitHub depending on your situation.

click Get started for free

After that, upload your PDF, and then ask questions, extract information, and summarize documents with AI.

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If you are looking for ChatPDF alternatives, pay attention to PopAI, ChatDOC, PDFgear, and AskYourPDF. They are high-rating ChatPDF alternatives.

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